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Why is Aeration Important?

What is aeration?

Regular and seasonal aeration is essential to ensure that turfgrass quality is maintained throughout the playing season. The impact and […]

How to Attract People to Your Sports Club

Coaxing members to your sports club – and keeping them there – can be a challenge if you’re missing some […]

Natural Turf vs. Artificial Turf: Which is Better?

  What is the difference between natural and artificial turf? The clue is in the name. Natural grass is a […]

Your Essential Pitch Care Glossary

When planning a care programme for your playing surface, you may stumble across terms that leave you asking what does […]

Soil Testing: How to Create An Effective Fertiliser Plan

To create an effective fertiliser plan for your turfgrass or playing surface, several key components of soil should first be […]

Welcome Article

The team here at Turfcare Specialists would like to welcome you to our brand new blog page. This will feature […]