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50% Bardorado – Perennial ryegrass

50% Barterra – Annual ryegrass

Superfast winter grass seed

  • A remarkable true amenity annual ryegrass, overseeding blend providing superior germination and establishment in very cool soil temperatures for year-round sward cover, with excellent performance across all types of grass surfaces.
  • Ideal for renovation of permanent turf areas when fast establishment and / or cool temperature germination is paramount
  • Provides quality grass for summer renovation of sports pitches with extremely limited establishment windows
  • Ideal ‘get out of jail free card’ growing very fast in winter, helping support other mixtures


  • Superior germination and establishment in very cool soil temperatures to maintain year-round sward cover
  • Barterra is the latest generation Barenbrug-bred amenity annual ryegrass that will germinate at temperatures as low as 3.5°C, making it the ideal tool to maintain grass cover throughout the winter
  • Bardorado provides longevity to the blend with excellent performance characteristics, wear tolerance and disease resistance
  • Barenbrug research shows that amenity annual ryegrasses germinate more quickly and at lower temperatures than perennial ryegrass, including tetraploid varieties

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