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35% Barcristalla – Perennial ryegrass

15% Barsignum – Perennial ryegrass

25% Eventus – Perennial ryegrass

25% Bargold – Perennial Ryegrass


Hard-wearing 100% perennial ryegrass for extreme wear

  • EXTREME is a blend of perennial ryegrasses for use in areas of medium-fine turf that demand tolerance to close-mowing and high wear with exceptional fineness of leaf. Golf tees, fairways, high-traffic lawns and tennis courts are perfect examples of where this grass seed mix is at home.
  • All four cultivars bring advantages and different characteristics to the mix.
    • Eventus is ranked #2 and #4 for fineness of leaf in BSPB Turfgrass Seed Tables S1 and L1, respectively, and shows very fast recovery and growth rates (ranked #1 in the top 40, Table L1) for a summer sports ryegrass. This enables quick germination, establishment and mid-season repair in areas of high traffic
    • Barsignum is an outstanding summer sports ryegrass, ranked #5 in Tables L1 and #4 in G4
    • Barcristalla is a medium-fine ryegrass with excellent wear tolerance and superior colour. It is ranked #6 for wear tolerance (Table S1) and #1 of any grass in the top 60 for dark genetic colour
    • Old favourite Bargold remains an excellent cultivar, still ranked in the top six for leaf fineness in Table L1


  • Very fast establishment
  • Extremely fine-leafed for the species
  • Superior wear tolerance and recovery
  • Fast establishment for mid and end of season renovation
  • Can handle very close mowing
  • Excellent early spring growth
  • High shoot density
  • Superior aesthetics

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