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Concentrated Carbohydrates

Faster playing surfaces, increased stress resistance & recovery

BioActive MolTurf® is our award winningliquid carbohydrate. BioActive MolTurf® contains naturally sourced carbohydrates and trace elements that energise the turf grass plant metabolism and
stimulates microbial activity around the root and leaves. BioActive MolTurf® is a natural carbon balancer that increases the efficiency of nitrogen utilisation allowing less nitrogen to be applied.
BioActive MolTurf® provides a quickly available carbon food source for microbes that live around turf grass roots, thus helping to reduce fungicide and fertiliser applications. Use on all turf grass surfaces and root zones for faster playing surfaces.

Main benefits of BioActive MolTurf® on turf grass surfaces:

  • Faster and improved playing surface
  • Promotes the availability and ready uptake of mineral nutrients
  • Reduced applications of fertilisers
  • Increased ability to resist and recover from environmental stresses, e.g. freezing temperatures, extended heat etc.
  • Reduced disease susceptibility
  • Aids nematode suppression
  • Helps to reduce thatch build up by improving the efficiency and recycling of nitrogen and carbon by soil microbes
  • Contains useful levels of furfural (typically 50mg/kg), high in sugars (> 40%)

Application guidelines:
10 – 20 litres/ha when tank mixed with BioActive Invigo™ and/or with BioActive Seaweed in 300 – 400 litres of water
20 – 30 litres/ha when used on its own in 500 – 600 litres of water

Apply every 2-3 weeks during March and April and before the first fertiliser application, and during September and October after autumn renovations.
Apply once per month during summer and winter months.
Available in 10 litre containers

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