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Hardwearing mixture for areas of intense usage.

40% Turfgold – Perennial ryegrass
20% Barclay II – RPR perennial ryegrass
20% Bardorado – Perennial ryegrass
20% Dipper – Strong creeping red fescue

For areas that are subjected to year-round use. Ideal for use on school sports fields which are in use for winter and summer sports. The robust perennial ryegrass varieties provide wear tolerance whilst the creeping fescue helps to create an exceptionally tight-knit turf. The inclusion of fescue species also aids performance during spells of dry weather. For hard-wearing family lawns subject to pets and children – this is the best choice.


  • Hard wearing lawns
  • Multiuse sports fields (summer and winter sports)
  • School fields
  • General landscaping
  • Public open spaces
  • Showgrounds


  • Now includes Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass (RPR) for unparalleled recovery from wear
  • Suitable for multiple applications
  • Ideal for sports pitches that are used for summer and winter sports
  • Playing fields, parks and hard-wearing family lawns
  • Quick establishment and excellent wear tolerance
  • Creates a thick, strong turf

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