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The most sustainable grass seed mixture – saves mowing

50% Barsignum – Perennial ryegrass
35% Barmalia – Slender creeping red fescue
15% Capriccio – Chewings fescue

Most ‘low maintenance’ seed mixtures do not contain perennial ryegrass; this means they are slower to establish and not tolerant of wear. MowSaver is a unique low maintenance mixture which utilises perennial ryegrass varieties that have demonstrated up to 40% slower growth when compared against other varieties. The result is a mixture that is fast to establish, very hardwearing and possesses proven low maintenance qualities.


  • Urban areas
  • High quality, hard wearing lawns
  • General landscaping
  • Public open spaces
  • Parks
  • Local authority green spaces


  • Up to 40% less mowing
  • Saves money through time, labour and fuel savings
  • Helps the environment by reducing machinery operations and CO2 emmisions
  • Utilises ryegrass varieties with slow regrowth characteristics
  • Backed up by Barenbrug's own research and independent data from the STRI

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