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A high quality granular humate, using naturally refined humic AND fulvic acids in a combination, to produce the best results for root development in all fine turf situations. Will put down new roots even when Blacklayer is present.

Genesis Granules are a totally new generation supplement for your turf. Based on the advanced and proven science of humic and fulvic acids, it works by stimulating a healthier and more vigorous root growth.

– Invigorates soil nutrient re-cycling.
– Stimulates increases in root growth and root mass.
– Promotes better pest and disease resistance.
– Improves nutrient uptake.

When used after aeration work in spring and autumn Genesis Granules have shown increased grass sward density, vigour and general improved turf health. By helping to generate significant improvements to root mass and root growth. Results are seen in as little as 10 days!


Application: 35g per m2

Bag size: 20kg

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