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GREEN ON LIQUID 5 – 0 – 12 + 8.75%Fe

Green On Liquid 5 – 0 – 12 + 8.75%Fe is a versatile, formulation of sulphur free complexed iron that gives an extended and rapid green-up, . The unique complex regulates the release of iron over a longer period (up to 6 weeks) to give a sustained colour without the blackening that some irons can cause.

Green On Liquid is especially effective in cold weather when grass growth is slow and also hardens the turf to reduce the risk of disease.

•Potassium and iron combination for maximum hardening to discourage fusarium patch disease
•Rapid action (usually within 24hrs)
•Excellent longevity (up to 6 weeks)
•Very effective in cold weather when turfgrass growth is slow
•Helps to correct any potassium and iron deficiencies
•Surfactant iron formulation for dew dispersal and leaf hardening to discourage fusarium patch disease
•Safe to operator – no hazard rating for COSHH assessment

Apply Green On Liquid at any time of the year provided the sward is dry and rain is not imminent. Do not apply during frosty conditions. For best results cut grass before application.

Application Rate 1 litre per 500 sq. mtrs

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