Medallion TL

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Medallion TL is a Bio-inspired Contact+ turf fungicide designed for use in the winter that delivers outstanding levels of disease control and exceptional long-term results.

Medallion TL is recommended for use on all managed amenity turf and amenity grassland and offers powerful and targeted control of pathogens responsible for key turf diseases including Microdochium patch (Fusarium patch), Anthracnose and Leaf Spot. Its contact activity tackles damaging pathogens on the leaf, thatch and soil surface.

Key Points:

  • Contact action fungicide
  • Fast action knockdown of Microdochium (Fusarium) spores on leaf, thatch & soil
  • Gives long lasting control in winter conditions
  • ideal as a preventative winter application
  • Rainfast in 1 hour


Contains: 125 g/L fludioxonil
Application Rate: 3 L/ha
Water Rate: 125 – 500 L/ha
Product Activity: Curative & Preventative
Product Controls: Fusarium Patch
Red Thread
Dollar Spot
Leaf Spot
Max Treatments Per Year: 4


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