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Whatever type of sporting activity, efficient and effective drainage is essential in maintaining a good quality playing surface.

Loss of use due to water logging or damage to the surface can result in cancellation of games, dissatisfied sportsmen, lost fixtures as well as potential financial losses.

An efficient drainage system will eliminate most of the problems, reduce compaction and allow easier and more effective maintenance.

Improved drainage will result in better soil structure, a healthier sward and ultimately a better playing surface.

Drainage Solutions

Our field drainage contractors operate throughout the North East, Cumbria and North Yorkshire, offering excellent drainage services to sports clubs, schools, local authorities and more.

A waterlogged pitch is good for nothing. It can result in cancelled games and financial losses, but it can be avoided altogether. A new and improved drainage system can produce a healthier soil structure, which can be much easier to maintain in the long run.

Secondary Drainage Treatments

Secondary drainage, such as sand slitting or banding may be used as additions to a primary piped drainage system. This increases surface infiltration and improves drainage of the surface and upper part of the growing medium.

“Sand slitting” refers to narrow trenches from which the soil has been removed, usually 50mm wide and between 200-300mm deep, partly backfilled with gravel and topped with sand or rootzone.

Gravel or sand banding refers to where soil has been displaced by a blade or tine, and a band of gravel or sand is placed simultaneously.

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